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2006 Trip to Afghanistan

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Greetings from Kabul...

We arrived yesterday and had a very full day. It feels as though we’ve been here a week already. We had an opportunity to meet with about 10 CARE staff employees, including Paul Barker, the country director. He’s actually leaving Afghanistan this summer and is transferring to Sudan — clearly he’s not afraid of a challenge. Having an opportunity to hear about different aspects of the work CARE is doing here in Afghanistan was fascinating. Let’s just say I am so happy that we’ve been supporting the work CARE does.

From there, we were rushed over to the CNN office, if you could call it an office. It was basically a house with a satellite on the roof. Speaking of the roof, they said, “OK, it’s time to go up and set up for the interview.” So Patti and I start walking in the house up the stairs only to be told we actually had to go around the side up a ladder and then up another ladder up onto the roof. I know you’re thinking “Wow, that doesn’t sound low key,” but we were assured and reassured that we were in a very safe neighborhood and that there had never been any security problems. That said, it was so exciting. I’m not sure how the interview went. It was hard to hear whoever the heck was interviewing us from I don’t even know where — Atlanta maybe?

The wind starting blowing and my mike was all over the place. I think, although I’m really not sure, that they might try to air it on Mother’s Day on a morning show.

From CNN we came back to the guesthouse to rest for about an hour or so before heading off to Paul Barker’s house for dinner. Again, it was nice to have his undivided attention to hear his stories about life in Afghanistan and about his experiences living around the world.

I slept like a baby — literally. That is, I slept for about three solid hours and then was up pretty much every hour on the hour. I still feel very refreshed after finally taking a shower — have I mentioned it’s dusty and hot?

Anyway, we have a very full day today. We’re planning to visit a poultry training center, a literacy class, and then to have some home visits with some of the women. For me, today is what it’s all about.