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Beyond borders,
beyond religion and politics, beyond hatred and ignorance — lies hope, and a common bond.


About Beyond the 11th

Two American widows who lost their husbands on 9/11 started a foundation to counter acts of hate with acts of humanity. Since 2003, we have helped thousands of Afghan widows learn to support themselves and their children. Pragmatism and compassion are powerful allies.

We partner with international aid groups to teach vulnerable women the income-generating skills they need to not just survive but thrive. They are living proof that pencils and ledgers – not airstrikes and missiles – are the most powerful agents for change.


Who We Serve

War and poverty have created nearly 2 million Afghan widows.

Their need is great – our response must be too.



In 2006 our founders traveled to Kabul, just five years after losing their husbands on 9/11.

Beyond Belief is the award-winning documentary film of their journey.

The film tells of how they found a profound way to move beyond their tragedy by choosing tolerance over hate and action over indifference. They forge a common bond with Afghan war widows, and provide an alternate lens through which to view America’s role in the world.


Beyond the Bike

Our signature fundraiser is a 3-day, 260-mile bike ride
from Ground Zero in New York City to Boston.

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