Making A Difference (Oprah)

Susan Retik and her college sweetheart, Dave, settled into the life of their dreams—happily married with two children, and a third on the way. Tragically, one moment would change Susan's life forever.

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Justin Mabee
The Healers of 9/11 (NYTimes)

In the shattering aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, Ms. Retik bonded with another woman, Patti Quigley, whose husband had also died in the attack. They lived near each other, and both were pregnant with babies who would never see their fathers.

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Susan Retik
It's Not Us Against Them (Parade Magazine)

Susan Retik, 43, wants you to know she’s no one special—she’s just your average suburban mom with a dog and four children (and she sometimes yells at them). Even so, what the Needham, Mass., woman has done is extraordinary. In the midst of mourning, Retik took the love and compassion showered on her and reached out to women in the foreign country that was the source of her own tragedy.

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ArticleJustin Mabee