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Razia’s Ray of Hope

Razia’s Ray of Hope, founded by humanitarian Razia Jan, provides exemplary, free education to more than 480 girls in grades K-12 at the Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan.


The organization embraces and promote education as the key to positive, peaceful change for current and future generations, empowering girls and young women to work toward bright futures in their own villages and beyond. The Zabuli Educaiton Centers has become a celebrated symbol of progress and the advancement of women — and is the pride of the conservative community it serves.

In 2015 Beyond the 11th provided a $50,000 grant to Razia's Ray of Hope to enable to foundation to meet its fundraising goal to build the Razia Jan Institute, the first women’s post-secondary vocational school in rural Afghanistan. The foundation broke ground in August 2015 and is scheduled to open in March 2016.

At the Razia Jan Institute, two courses of study will be offered: health services/midwifery, and office administration. Students will graduate in two years with marketable, much-needed skills and the ability to work in schools, businesses, government, and health care — careers that are compatible with being a married, observant Afghan woman.

The new facility will include a medical clinic where midwifery students will train alongside doctors and midwives. This medical facility will have an enormous impact on a severely medically underserved area: There is no district hospital in Deh’Subz.

The institute will operate with the approval and support of the Afghan Ministry of Education. Razia Jan, CNN Hero, humanitarian, businesswoman, and founder of Razia’s Ray of Hope, understands the importance of earning and maintaining Ministry endorsement. She enjoys a strong relationship with the Ministry, which named the Zabuli Education Center the district’s top school. Razia also has steadfast support from the community, which hails her as the “Mother of Deh’Subz.”

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